Cloud infrastructure installation has seen a huge growth in the  technological industry. This virtual infrastructure delivered through the internet or a network has made easy migration of every business to a cloud server and enjoy agility with the right tools. So as it increased the need for infrastructure management in this fastest growing IT World.  The users find the process of proactive monitoring, automation and, management of the environment specialized in cloud infrastructure as painstaking and a fastidious task. As an experienced group of ICT and cloud Solutions provider, OPELLS TECH refers to the term Cloud Infrastructure Management to an on-demand service provided via Iaas which is a basic delivery model of cloud computing in order to access the shared pools of configurable resources including computers, servers, networks, storage, applications & services.

Our solid Cloud Management Solutions Strategy can help your organization achieve three major goals:

Self- Service Capabilities: A new method of IT Resource Provisioning is provided with OPELLS’s Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Users can access to the public and private cloud, review current cloud computing instances, monitoring costs, allocation and utilization of resources. This reporting enables users to track cloud budgets and monitor unused instances.

Workflow Management: Our management solutions enable users to avoid human intervention in performing steps needed to create and manage cloud computing instances. In addition, it can help in both deployment and compliance needs.

Cloud Analysis: In private cloud networks, organization can monitor the infrastructure working and can balance the workload and capacity. In the case of public cloud networks in order to ensure compliance, performance metrics for Latency and Downtime can be analyzed. Organizations who are in demand of a skilled cloud solutions management can be benefited from our services. We help your business by identifying and integrating suitable private/public cloud services. In addition, we can aggregate multiple providers and enable your business to access multiple providers at once. Our out-house IT staff well-versed in public, as well as in private cloud integration and management, can definitely take your business to a great extent.