Interconnect Your Business

The objective of a business network is to establish a stable connection between employees, customers, business partners and to important applications. OPELLS TECH understands the importance of a business network and help enterprises in building cost-effective, high-performance networks for the past two decades. Effective information sharing and resource allocation, helps organizations save money and increase productivity. OPELLS TECH Team specialized in managing both Managed and Unmanaged Switches can effectively build you a high-performance network campus. Routers used to tie multiple networks together can be used to connect your networked computers to the Internet and thereby share an Internet connection among many users. We help you connect your business to the outside world, protect your information from security threats, and can even decide which computers get priority over others. OPELLS TECH specialized in developing software-driven digital networking architecture from Cisco can evolve your organization beyond concepts of connectivity. Our digital networking architecture can cover virtualization, security, compliance, insights, analytics and digital infrastructures. In addition to reducing your cost and complexity, we bring you scalability, manageability, and efficiency to your enterprise network. 

Depending on your business and your networking plans, OPELLS TECH team can choose from solutions that include different capabilities.  

Wireless LAN (WLAN): We help you utilize Wireless Network Technologies like Wi-Fi to create networks.  

Campus Area Network (CAN): These networks well suits for Universities and educational institutions which can spread across several buildings that are fairly close to each other so users can share resources.  

Storage-Area Network (SAN): We can develop a dedicated high-speed network that connects shared pools of storage devices to several servers  

System Area Network (SAN): This network can provide you high-speed connection in server-to-server applications, storage area networks, and processor-to-processor applications  

Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN): Overcome your concerns about supporting traditional Ethernet protocols and network applications such as PoE (Power over Ethernet) using Passive Optical Local Area Network which integrates to structured cablings.  

Virtual Private Network(VPN): This network let its users send and receive data as if their devices were connected to the private network – even if they’re not. Here users access to a private network through a virtual point to point connection, remotely.  

Importance Of A Trusted Service Provider

Our Routing & Switching Solutions can improve your organization’s core by enabling your company to increase productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service. OPELLS TECH understands switching and routing is the core of your network. Using well-constructed network design reduces latency and increases the speed of a network to deliver a better performance. At OPELLS TECH we take into consideration a variety of elements when determining which design works best for you such as L2, L3, LAN base, IPbase, redundancy, broadcast domain, collision domain, multicasting, POE, PEO+, stacking, and SFP. We are here to help design, implement, and support with a high speed network that delivers on both security and performance.